Granger Rocket Football League Rules and Regulations

Age Requirements:
This league is open to all players who are entering 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade of the current Rocket season.

The minimum age requirement: Player must be 8 years old by August 1st of the current season.
The maximum age requirement: Player may not turn 13 years of age before November 1st of the current season and no grade higher than 6th grade.

New players: will need to present a copy of their birth certificate at sign-ups.

All IHSAA rules will apply except for the following:

IHSAA rules mandate that game play MUST be stopped IMMEDIATELY upon the first sign of lightning and that ALL players, coaches & officials are to seek shelter. Game play cannot resume until a MINIMUM of 30 minutes has passed since the last lightning strike. It is up to the officials to determine whether or not a game should be called due to inclement weather. Common sense dictates that in the event of lightning striking during practice, the practice must be stopped IMMEDIATELY and shelter sought. It is in the best interest of the safety of the players, that practice should be cancelled for the evening.

Weight Limits

GRFL League Rules

Taped Rules:

114-1/2 and under – No Tape

115 to 129-1/2 – Yellow Tape

130 – 159-1/2 – Red Tape

160 and over – Black Tape

  1. Offensive Taped Rules:

(a) Taped players can only play on the offensive line. They cannot play QB, RB, WR

or TE.

(b) Taped Combination on Line.

     (i) No limit to # of Yellow taped players.

     (ii) Max of 2 Red taped players (No Black, the rest Yellow or no tape players)

     (iii) Max of 1 Black taped player on the field at any time. (Can also have 1 Red taped player, the rest will be yellow tape or non-tape players)

  1. Defensive Taped Rules:

(a) Red and Black taped players can only play DT. Both players can be Red taped

players or you can have 1 Red and 1 Black taped player.

(b) Yellow taped players can play DE, DT, ISLB or OSLB. They cannot play corner

or FS.

(c) Non-Taped players can play anywhere.

(d) A taped player cannot advance the ball (EXCEPT ON AN INTERCEPTION).

  1. Offensive Formations:

(a) Formations.

    (i) Tackles must be covered by a TE or a WR.

    (ii) 2 RB in the backfield (inside the tackles). Never can have 3 players in the

backfield at a time (excluding QB).

(1) Can use split backs, Red or White, “I” or offset “I”. As long as

you have 2 backs between the OTs then you can align these 2

backs any way you want.

    (iii) Formations Allowed.

(1) Base or South = 2 TE and WR

(2) Pro or South Pro = 1 TE and 2 WRs (1 WR to each side)

(3) Twins or South Twins = 2 WRs (Twins to one side & TE on the

other side

(4) Pro Twins or South Pro Twins = Twins to 1 side and WR/TE split

out on the other side

(5) You can also move in a WR/TE as a wing. Tackes first just be

covered by a WR or TE

(6) Never can you have trips to one side!

  1. Defensive Alignments:

(a) DTs are head up on the Guards – No shading inside or outside

(b) ISLB must be inside the Des and at 4 yards depth – Recommend that the ISLB be

stacked over DT but they have freedom to be anywhere between the Des and at

LB depth

(c) OSLBs must align outside the Des and at a depth of 4 yards

(d) Corners and Free Safety alignment must never be closer than 4 yards to Line of

Scrimmage. You cannot move a FS or Corner up as another LB!

(e) Redzone (inside the 5-yard line) or Short Yardage (less than 2 yards) – you can

move all linebackers and defensive back to 1-yard depth which is the heels of the DTs

*** No Quarterback Sneaks unless it is Short Yardage or Goal Line Situations! ***

General Weight Rules
All skill players cannot exceed 115 lbs. – (Skill players: Quarterback, Running Back, Flanker & End) All players at 130 lbs and above must play on the line in the down position and in a 3 or 4 point stance. A player with tape on his helmet may not advance the ball at any time, except on an interception.

Note: The official weighing of the players will take place at the jamboree (or at by appointment with the league office) and will be the official weight of the player for the entire season. The opposing team coach at the jamboree must be present at the other team’s weigh in.
A player’s weight can be challenged at the start of the playoffs. At this time the player will get an additional 5lbs. (ex. Skill players now have to weigh in under 120lbs.)  Only Quarterback and running backs can be challenged.  Players can never go down in weight.

Fumbles / Interceptions
Fumbles and Advancement of a Fumble will be treated per IHSAA rules. Exception: Fumbles can only be advanced by a Non-Taped Player. Interceptions can be advanced by any Player.

Extra Points
Kicking – If you elect to kick you must notify the opposing team. No fake kicks under any circumstances. No rush by the defense under any circumstances. The ball placement will be at the High School spot. All successful kick extra point attempts are worth 2 points. The team may choose to have the referee hand the ball to either the center (long snapper) or to the ace holder. If the center snaps the ball to the placeholder and the placeholder drops the ball, the placeholder will be allowed to reset the ball prior to the kick.
Running / Passing – If you elect to run or pass you must notify the opposing team. No fake runs / passes under any circumstances. The ball placement will be at the High School spot. All successful run / pass extra point attempts are worth 1 point.

Special Teams
Kickoffs – All kickoffs will be from the high school spot (40 yard line) All kickoffs fumbled may be advanced, if fumbled while receiving the ball.
Punts – If you elect to punt, you must notify the opposing team. No fake punts under any circumstances. No rush by the defense under any circumstances. The ball is handed to the punter. The tight end to tight end split must not exceed the hand to shoulder maximum. All punts fumbled may be advanced, if fumbled while receiving the ball

Line Movement
All gross line movement shall be penalized (i.e. contact, coming up and out of a three-point stance and moving across the line of scrimmage) All subtle movement will not be penalized until league notification (i.e. turning head, leaning forward without contact or three-point movement and flinching)

Defensive Alignment
All defensive backs and linebackers must line up a minimum of 4 yards off the line of scrimmage and may proceed towards the line AFTER the ball has snapped. NO RED DOGS! In goal line situations (ex. inside the five yard line) and short yardage situations (ex. less than two yards to go) ALL linebackers and defensive backs may line up 1 yard off the ball.

All players must be wearing helmets, shoulder pads, pants with pads, mouthpieces and rubber-cleated shoes. Pads for elbows, forearms, ribs and neck braces will be allowed.

Practice / Game Time / Duration OT Rule
When school is in session, there is a maximum of two practices allowed per week and one game on Saturday. All games shall start promptly at 9:00 am & 10:35 am sharp. All games shall consist of three (3) 10-minute quarters and one (1) 14-minute quarter in accordance to IHSA rules. Games that are tied at the end of the 3rd quarter will end as a tie. If two teams in the same division are tied at the end of the season by record and they either tied against each other or didn’t play each other, a flip of a coin will determine the higher seed. There will be three time-outs allowed for each team per half.

Coaching Conduct and Rules
Coaching staff shall consist of 1 head coach and 2 assistant head coaches with 2 coaches to be named after the draft. Coaches will be allowed on the field for the duration of the season and under the following circumstances:
1.One defensive coach when the defense is on the field.
2.One offensive coach when the offense is on the field.
3.The coach on the field can only instruct in the huddle and before the offensive line is set.
The coach assumes a 5-yard position behind the running backs and the safety and no further instruction is to be given once in this position. Any violation on the above and the coach will be warned once and with the next call followed by a 5-yard penalty.

Questioning Referee Calls – Only one head coach may question the referee’s calls. A time-out must be used to question a referee’s call. First offense is a verbal
warning. Second offense is a 15-yard penalty. Third offense is an ejection from the field. Failure to follow the rules will result in a forfeit by the team. A review by the league officials will be held to determine if that team will be allowed to continue playing in the league.

Coaches Conduct – At any time that the referee deems necessary, a player or coach may be removed from the game. Coaches should conduct themselves in a manner that will set a good example for the players and the fans. The object of Rocket Football is to let the “KIDS” have fun! Fighting with or striking any player, coach, referee or any participant of Rocket Football shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the league. If a player or coach is thrown out of a game by the referee, it will result in a minimum of a one-game suspension, with any further action to be decided by the Rocket Football Board. Excessive disputing of referee calls or profanity directed at a player, coach or referee or any participant of Rocket Football shall be grounds for immediate expulsion!