Welcome to Granger Rocket Football

Player Registration

Players must be 8 years old by August 1 and can’t be 13 years old before November 1

Season starts on August 1.   Games are played on Saturday mornings.

You may practice each day during the week up until school starts (no Sundays). However, once school starts, there will be two practices during the week and a game on Saturday.

There is a jamboree, seven regular season games, and then single-elimination playoffs before the Rocket Bowl. Rocket Bowl is the end of October.

Registration fee is $175.00.

Equipment is extra.
Fees must be paid with cash or check.

New Players: after the draft, you will receive a call from your coach letting you know what team you will be on and what your practice days are.

New Players:   Please bring a copy of your birth certificate to sign-ups

No practices or games on Sundays!